Is it true that first love never dies?

I’ve had relationships but how come it always goes back to the very 1st guy  I fell for in high school? I believe I have moved on already because its been 8 yrs  and I have fallen in love a couple of times after him. I haven’t even seen him in years.

First Love

But the thing is, every once in a while, like once in a bue moon, he just pops into my mind out of nowhere. And the catch is every time I do, I cant help but smile. The last time I saw him was 2 yrs ago and during that meeting, I had such a great time with his family and mine and we did a lot of catching up.


At the end of the day, he asked me if there could be any chance of us getting back together, I had a boyfriend then and so obviously I said no. My boyfriend then is my fiancee now. I love my fiancee. So is it normal for me to still think of him? Or is it just because Im engaged? Or does everyone dont forget the 1st time they fell in love?